Recent Publications

Corneanu, Ciprian A., Meysam Madadi, and Sergio Escalera. “What does it mean to learn in deep neural networks? And, how does one detect adversarial attacks?”, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR (2019) pdf supplementary poster code

Corneanu, Ciprian A., Meysam Madadi, and Sergio Escalera. “Deep Structure Inference Network for Facial Action Unit Recognition.”, European Conference in Computer Vision, ECCV (2018) pdf poster

Corneanu, C. A., Marc Oliu, Jeffrey Cohn, and Sergio Escalera. “Survey on rgb, 3d, thermal, and multimodal approaches for facial expression recognition: History, trends, and affect-related applications.” IEEE Transactions in Pattern Aanalysis and Machine Intelligence, TPAMI (2016). pdf

Kulkarni, Kaustubh, Ciprian Corneanu, Ikechukwu Ofodile, Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baró, Sylwia Hyniewska, Juri Allik, and Gholamreza Anbarjafari. “Automatic recognition of facial displays of unfelt emotions.” IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, TAC (2018). pdf

Oliu, Marc, Ciprian Corneanu, László A. Jeni, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Takeo Kanade, and Sergio Escalera. “Continuous supervised descent method for facial landmark localisation.” In Asian Conference on Computer Vision, ACCV (2016). pdf